Saturday, 15 October 2011

Green Tomatoes

What with the 'interesting' weather we've had this year, combined with a lazy late start to the year from me in our vegetable garden, I ended up with lots of green tomatoes. My cupboards are already fully stocked with chutneys from my wonderful friends, so I really needed to find something else to do with them. A quick request to the cooking community on Twitter produced a host of suggestions including this one for a green tomato salsa courtesy of Valentine Warner.

There are no quantities to this recipe, it's a case of tasting and tweaking as you go along (my favourite kind). Finely chop the tomatoes and fry in a neutral oil, with minced onion and green chillies. Allow to cool and then stir in chopped coriander and lime juice. Easy as that! Valentine Warner suggests eating it with beef in tacos with cheese. We had it with turkey fajitas (still with cheese) and it worked very well indeed.

My husband also made this without the lime juice and scrambled it into his breakfast eggs - apparently also delicious.

Enjoy,and thank you Valentine Warner (thanks also to Becky from Girl Interrupted Eating for your suggestions of fried green tomatoes and chutney with stilton stuffed burgers)!

P.S. I did end up making a tomato chutney to a recipe from Nigel Slater. If you decide to make this I would suggest halving the vinegar amount otherwise you'll be inhaling vinegar fumes for hours and hours. Delicious otherwise.

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