Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Huevos Rancheros with Frijoles de la Olla

All of us food bloggers have our own personal food heroes. One of mine is the legendary Valentine Warner. The way this man talks about food is just amazing. He is always so excited and passionate and never fails to inspire. His newest book 'The Good Table' was eagerly awaited by myself. Like his previous books this volume is beautifully presented with photos that make you want to eat the page. Not only that but it is written in a way that expresses Warner's passion and enthusiasm for food. Each recipe is preceded by a description of the dish which also puts it into context in Warner's food history. Along with helpful and educational ingredient notes this book is a joy to read as well as to cook from, because as usual the method and steps for each recipe are very clear.

I've been eyeing up several recipes for the past few weeks and have finally had time to cook one. Having had my first experience of Huevos Rancheros only a few weeks ago, and having discovered a new liking for eggs, this recipe seemed like a good one to try. I'm also a lover of beans in all forms, so the accompanying Frijoles de la Olla also appealed.

Warner's recipe for the dish consists of corn tortillas layered with a cooked salsa/sauce, fried eggs and stewed black beans. The salsa is nicely pokey, with an acidic hit provided from some lime juice added towards the end of the cooking. Received a raised eyebrow from me when it first hit the back of my throat on tasting for seasoning, but it actually cuts through the richness of the eggs and beans in a very pleasant way without being overpowering. I reckon this would also be good on a decent burger.

The stewed beans couldn't be easier, but they do need some time to bubble down on the stove. Some advice on stirring from Warner ensures you end up with a lovely creamy texture. Any leftovers will warm up nicely. Quite frankly anything that involves a bit of lard in the cooking gets my vote! I'd fry my eggs in the lard too.

I've seen a few recipes for Huevos Rancheros and they all differ slightly. Some without beans, or with chorizo. Perhaps with cheese and/or avocado. I figure it's one of those dishes where everyone has their own version and they are probably all as authentic as each other. Traditionally a breakfast dish, believe me this went down well as a dinner dish.

So here we go, Huevos Rancheros with Frijoles de la Olla:

Corn tortillas with the black beans.




For the recipes you will have to buy the book. It is well worth every penny, even at full price...but if you buy it from that well known internet book store you'll barely notice the dent in your wallet. I'm pretty sure this is one book that you will keep coming back to.

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