Saturday, 6 August 2011

This is what I do on a Friday night...

As previously mentioned I am having some friends over for dinner tomorrow. I've decided to keep it simple and make gnocchi with pesto. As I've got a few things to do tomorrow I thought I'd get ahead and prepare the potato for the gnocchi tonight. You need quite dry potato for nice light gnocchi, so I bake them in their skins and then scoop the flesh and put it through a ricer.

I've put the potato on a tray to cool and once the potatoes have steamed off, I'll cover the tray with clingfilm and put it in the fridge ready for tomorrow. Recipe and more pictures to follow.

What to do with the skins that are left? My husband made himself some cheesy, jalapeno potato skins with a little splash of worcester sauce for his late evening 'snack'.

MMMMMM, melty cheese.

You can tell I didn't make them....there would've been a lot more cheese!

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