Thursday, 4 August 2011

So……what do you write in a first blog post? I suppose a little explanation as to why I’m here committing these words to the ether?

2011 sees me turn 30. To be honest, I am not that bothered, or at least I don’t think I am. However, as the day approaches I am beginning to think about all those things I have and have not achieved so far in my short life (I am not the first and won't be the last). One thing I have tried to do over and over again (and it is a many times broken new year’s resolution) is to start (and more importantly) keep a diary. So this is going to be it. My blog. I hope the thought of someone, somewhere reading my words might encourage me not to be too lax in keeping up the entries.

A little about me is perhaps the next logical step?? I like to think I am a relatively normal (whatever that is), liberal, tolerant and caring human being. I suspect I probably am not, that I have ridiculous prejudices and am actually rather grumpy about most things with most people. I do however like to cook, and I definitely like to eat. I like to feed people. In the last couple of years I’ve lost some weight and this process has most upset my previous eating habits! So these days if I want to eat cake or drink wine, I have to run first so that it doesn’t end up straight on my tummy. Grr. I am not a natural athlete and getting myself out the door can be a challenge, but rather strangely on occasion I have been known to enjoy it and it is most definitely now part of my life.

Ooh, a quick word on my blog title…I purchased myself a Kenwood Chef as an early birthday present to myself, which probably isn’t going to help with trying to keep the weight off, but I love the fact it makes my cake making so easy and my husband has joked that I try and find a way to use it in everything I cook…so there you go…Me, my Kenwood and I

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