Saturday, 6 August 2011

May we live in peace without weeping (meringue)

So dinner prep was going remarkably well for me...I'd managed not had a single strop or meltdown...the gnocchi had come together well, and had been rolled and cut without sticking to every surface.

I'd managed to blind bake my pastry shell without (too much) shrinkage, and filled it with the previously made lemon curd.

My meringue had whipped to a lovely stiff peak and didn't sink into the curd when placed on top.

The above, pre baked meringue picture was proudly posted on Facebook...pride comes before a fall...about halfway through the baking my meringue started weeping, and weeping badly. Lots of liquid and the possibility of thoroughly soggy pastry. A quick Google turned up the information that it was probably all due to my filling being cold before being topped with the meringue. The filling has to be warm to cook the bottom of the meringue to seal in the moisture. Nothing could be done about live and learn I suppose. I resigned myself to soggy pastry. Other than the weeping, it looked ok when it came out the oven.

The decision was made to serve it anyway, and just fess up to the soggy pastry.

Pudding time came around, and although it was a touch tricky to get out of the dish in one piece the pastry was not as soggy as not perfect, but perfectly edible and the lemon curd and the meringue themselves were pretty good. I'll know to warm the filling before applying the meringue next time!

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