Friday, 5 August 2011

Lemon curd on a school night

Lemon Curd being cooled in the Kenwood Chef by erikazj

I'm not sure why I thought it a good idea, but at about 9pm last night I thought I would make the lemon curd I need for a couple of recipes that I'm going to make over the weekend. It's been sometime since I've made lemon curd and I'd forgotten how long you can be stood there, stirring it, waiting for it to thicken. To be honest, I think it probably takes so long because after almost scrambling it once,  I'm a bit of a wimp and cook it over the lowest heat possible. Still, even though it takes some time it is actually very easy and very yummy. I have plans to use it in a lovely lemon layer cake for a work colleague's 50th birthday and in a lemon meringue pie for some friends on Saturday. There will probably be plenty left too.

The picture is of the kenwood stirring the lemon curd back to room temperature for me so I could get it in to the fridge before my bedtime!

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