Sunday, 7 August 2011

The leaning tower of lemon curd cake

The remaining lemon curd was destined for a lovely lemony cake for my colleague's 50th birthday. As often happens on a Sunday, I did way too much sitting on my bum and not enough doing the things I should be. So 7pm rolls round and I'm thinking I should probably pull my finger out and make the cake. I have some new sandwich pans I wanted to try, so this seemed to be a good opportunity. They're nice high/straight sided, loose bottomed pans from Silverwood. I bought them from the excellent Salamander Cookshop, although I've seen them in lots of other cookery shops.

I used my (already) trusty Kenwood to cream the butter and sugar and mix in the eggs. I then fold in the flour, some ground almonds and lemon zest by hand (so as not to over mix) and within a few minutes the layers were in the oven. The new tins seemed to perform very well...they cooked very evenly (despite the horrible hot spots in my rented oven) and the cakes rose well. I'm told having high sided tins helps the cake retain it's rise as it cooks. The sponges also released from the tins pretty easily (although I had buttered and lined).

Unfortunately a set of high sided tins cannot get round the fact that our oven is quite obviously not level, and there is always a little sloping. I try and get round this by trying to line up a thin side with a corresponding fat side when stacking the sponges, but it doesn't always work terribly well and I end up with a leaning cake.

Not quite so bad from the other side (must remember to have this side facing forward when presenting it tomorrow!).

I wish I as better at the whole icing and decorating thing...I do make nice cakes (even if I do say so myself), but I let myself down with the presentation...I guess I just have to keep trying!

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